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Are there mountain bike tours of the area available?

Cycle Las Vegas Bike Tours

If you want to get off-road and really enjoy Las Vegas there are several bike tours available. You can tour Mt. Charleston or Red Rock Canyon by bike on several different affordable tours guided by professionals. This is really one way to see the beautiful landscape quite up close and personal, and on some of the tours you may even catch a glimpse of wildlife such as the famous Nevada wild mustangs. If you really want to see the desert and mountains surrounding Las Vegas, this is the way to do it. You can call 888-609-5665 or 702-243-0181 for more information on these and other bike tours in the area.

Is the Ethel M chocolate factory open for tours?

Fisher Space Pen Factory

Located in Boulder City, this little factory is a great stop along the way to Hoover Dam. The Fisher Space Pen was selected by NASA because it writes in zero gravity and has been used on every manned space flight since 1968. In fact, Fisher Space Pens are so cool, they also perform in temperatures from -30°F to +250°F, underwater and at any angle--even upside down! The Fisher Space Pen is unconditionally guaranteed to give outstanding service both here on Earth and in space and is the perfect choice for anyone who demands reliability in a writing instrument. Made at the factory in Boulder City, you can own your own Fisher Space Pen by stopping by the store located at the front of the factory. Used by ski patrols, search and rescue teams, law enforcement agencies, and the armed forces, they also make perfect gifts for your friends who love science and technology. The Fisher Space Pen factory is located at 711 Yucca St. in Boulder City, Nevada

What's the Haunted Vegas Tour and how can I find out more about it?

Haunted Vegas Show and Tour

This really unique tour begins with a short half-hour show introducing some of Vegas' most haunted and ghostly sites. Then, tour goers board buses for a two-hour search for the most haunted sites in Las Vegas. They'll also learn a little bit about Las Vegas history as they stop along the way to visit some of the spookier sites. Even some long-time locals were surprised about the number of supposedly haunted sites in town. The show and tour begins in the Celebrity Room at the Greek Isles Hotel & Casino. It runs every Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday at 9:00 PM. The show is dark Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday Tickets are $46.25 and $57.25. For more information call the Greek Isles Box Office at 702-737-5540.


Neon Graveyard

The Neon Graveyard, located near downtown Las Vegas is located on McWilliams and Encanto, and it's where old, discarded neon signs go to die. You may have seen it in several movies filmed in Las Vegas, including "Mars Attacks," "Vegas Vacation," and many more. Often called "The Boneyard," the area is now managed by the Neon Museum, and they'll give tours by appointment only. Regular appointment hours are Tuesday-Friday between 11:00 AM-5:00 PM. Other days and times subject to staff and volunteer availability. Tours cost $5, and you can arrange to photograph or video the signs if you contact the museum ahead of time for their permission. These signs are some of the fascinating history of an entertainment town, and if you have time to visit the Neon Graveyard, don't miss it!

Where is the marshmallow factory in Vegas, and do they offer tours?

Favorite Brands International Marshmallow Factory

In 1988, this marshmallow factory was destroyed when a factory next door blew up. They were cleaning up marshmallow in Henderson for weeks afterward. What a mess. Happily, the marshmallow factory is open for business again, including self-guided tours of the plant and production line. It's a good idea to check with the plant ahead of time so you know when the machinery will actually be running. When it is, you can see how they cook the marshmallow mixture and then blow air into it to create the fluffy treats we know and love. The best thing about this tour? It's free, and they even offer a discount bag of mini-marshmallows at the end of the tour! The Favorite Brands Marshmallow Factory is located at 1180 Marshmallow Lane in Henderson. Call 702-393-7308 for more information.

Is the Ethel M chocolate factory open for tours?

Ethel M Chocolate Factory

If you've ever wanted to see how they make your favorite chocolate candies, then this is the tour for you! Ethel M's is another sweet factory located in Henderson, on the corner of Sunset and Mountain Vista, to be exact. You can combine this tour with the marshmallow tour and have quite the sugar overload by the end of the day! This factory tour is also self-guided so you can take it at your own pace, and it's free, too. This is a really interesting tour that shows how the chocolates are created, filled, coated, and packaged ready for sale. After you finish the factory tour, make sure to leave some time for the beautiful botanical cactus gardens out back. They show desert landscaping at its best. The factory and gardens are open daily for tours from 8:30am to 7:00pm. You can find out more by calling 702-435-2641. You can arrange special group tours by calling that number, too.

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