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Are there any Las Vegas fun spots to go to?

Las Vegas Fun

Las Vegas production shows can be found at many Las Vegas hotels. Among the major Las Vegas shows at hotels are: Blue Man Group at the Luxor, Celine Dion's - A New Day at Caesar's Palace, Gladys Knight at the Flamingo Hotel Las Vegas, Mamma Mia at Mandalay Bay Las Vegas, "Mystere" (Cirque du Soleil) at Treasure Island Las Vegas, Wayne Newton at the Stardust Hotel and Casino, "O" (Cirque du Soleil) at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino, V - The Ultimate Variety Show at the Aladdin Hotel and Casino and Zumanity - Another Side of Cirque Du Soleil at New York New York Las Vegas.

Can I find any discounts on Las Vegas shows?

Las Vegas Shows

Although tickets for Las Vegas shows are usually expensive, many Las Vegas shows do have discounts available. Here are some for getting discounts on Las Vegas shows:
1.) Show up in person at one or both of two discount ticket sellers, Tickets2Nite and Tix4Tonight, near the MGM Grand that sell discount tickets for several of that evening's shows. 2.) Look for discount coupons on the Internet (Be careful because some of the coupons are not valid and are offered only to get you onto the web site).
3.) Look for coupons in the free Las Vegas Entertainment Guide booklets available from Hotel Concierges or Information Desks or in Casino “Fun” or “Discount” Books available at many Las Vegas hotels and casinos.
4.) Consider purchasing a Deluxe “2 for 1” Coupon Booklet (which contains 15 “2 for 1” coupons for Las Vegas shows plus many other discounts)
5.) Purchase a Las Vegas Advisor Full Membership which keeps you up to date with what's going on in Las Vegas and includes the Pocketbook of Values coupon package which is worth more than $3,000 with optimal use including many 2 for 1 Las Vegas show coupons.

Are there any famous Las Vegas magic shows?

Las Vegas Magic Shows

You can find several excellent Las Vegas magic shows, including Amazing Johnathon, Penn and Teller and Steve Wyrick – Mind Blowing Magic. Whether you're looking for a magic-only show, a mix of comedy and magic or magic and other specialty acts, Las Vegas has a magic show for you. Besides the permanent Las Vegas magic shows, top-notch magicians like David Copperfield do shows in Las Vegas on a fairly regular basis. Las Vegas shows involving magic are among the very best anywhere.

Are there any famous acts in Las Vegas?

Attractions in Las Vegas

There are several attractions in Las Vegas which include the following headliners: Danny Gans, Gladys Knight and Rita Ruder. Besides the permanent Las Vegas headliner shows, top notch performers like Elton John and Bette Midler give concerts in Las Vegas on a fairly regular basis. Las Vegas concerts and Las Vegas shows are among the most entertaining anywhere.

What's the Gospel Brunch at the House of Blues?

House of Blues

The House of Blues is legendary in Las Vegas. It's simply the best venue in town, and Vegas locals love it as much as visitors do. It's modeled after the legendary House of Blues in New Orleans, where the roots of blues go deep. It's an intimate room with a restaurant attached. You can expect to see famous, nearly famous, and not so famous bands there, and you never know who you'll see or where they'll be in the future music world. If you can't catch an act, you can at least catch the tasty Gospel Brunch served every Sunday at 10am or 1pm each Sunday. It's Cajun and American food and a new entertainer every weekend. There's also a dance party every weekend. An insider's tip -- ask for standing room only when bands perform, you'll actually get closer to the stage. The House of Blues is located inside the Mandalay Bay Resort.

Does the Excalibur have any adult shows?

Las Vegas Shows at the Excalibur

There are two Las Vegas shows at the Excalibur Hotel Casino: Tournament of Kings and The Thunder from Down Under (for those 18 and older). Tournament of Kings has two dinner shows nightly in Excalibur's King Arthur's Arena, which is a 900-seat Amphitheater. The Thunder from Down Under is performed in Excalibur's Merlin's Theater.

Does the Bellagio have any famous Las Vegas shows?

Las Vegas Shows at the Bellagio

Las Vegas shows don't get better than the one at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino: "0" by Cirque du Soleil. "O" has been honored by Las Vegas Review-Journal as the best Las Vegas Production Show for the fourth year in a row. "0" which is performed in Bellagio's aquatic theater, has been seen by more than 2 million spectators and has an international cast of 82 artists, performing in, on and above a 1.5 million gallon pool of water.

Can I find any plays or Las Vegas family shows?

Las Vegas Family Shows

Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino is host to one of the top rated Las Vegas family shows: Mamma Mia!. Mamma Mia! is a Broadway Musical, which appears in Mandalay Bay's showroom. Mamma Mia!, a sell-out on four continents, has 22 of ABBA's greatest hits ingeniously woven into a hilarious and enchanting story set on an idyllic Greek island.

What's a Mohave Beach?

Tommy Rocker's Mohave Beach

This is another favorite locals hang out. When they don't have a live band they have recorded music. Oh, and owner Tommy Rocker himself performs each Friday and Saturday at 10pm, which is a show in itself. Drinks are reasonable and they offer the standard bar food, mostly fried. Tommy Rocker's always attracts a big crowd, and if you're a Jimmy Buffet fan, Parrothead meet at Tommy's on the first Wednesday of every month. Tommy Rocker's is located at 4275 South Industrial Road.

What is recommended for large Las Vegas production shows?

Las Vegas Production Shows

Las Vegas shows now includes a total of four Cirque du Soleil shows including "Ka'" at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino, "Mystere" at Treasure Island Las Vegas, "O" at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino and Zumanity at New York New York Las Vegas. Las Vegas will then not only be the entertainment capital of the world but will also be the Cirque du Soleil capital of the world. Cirque du Soleil fans and anyone who enjoys Las Vegas production shows rejoice.

What are some of the Las Vegas Shows at Harrah´s?

Las Vegas Shows at Harrah's Las Vegas

The Las Vegas Shows at Harrah's Las Vegas hosts several top notch Las Vegas Shows including Clint Holmes 7:30pm (dark Sunday), The Mac King Comedy Magic Show (daytime family show, Tuesday-Saturday 1pm and 3pm), The Improv at Harrah's Las Vegas and Skintight (Monday-Wednesday, Saturday: 10:30pm, Sunday: 7:30 and 10:30pm and Fri: 10pm and Midnight). Theres something for everyone at Harrah's Las Vegas shows.

What's the MGM Grand Garden and who plays there?

MGM Grand Garden

This is a big venue, really big, but Vegas locals love it for the equally big names that play here. The arena is patterned after Madison Square Garden in New York (hence the name), and for a big arena, the sound is remarkably crisp and clean. Maybe that's why locals love it so much. Or it could be because the popular Billboard Music Awards are held here every year. Or, perhaps it's because performers as diverse as Elton John and Bon Jovi play there every year. Whatever it is, check out the MGM Grand Garden for an event if you have the chance while you're in Vegas.

Do famous entertainers like doing Las Vegas lounge shows?

Las Vegas Lounge Shows

A large number of performers find Las Vegas to be a great place to give concerts because of the large number of excellent venues plus the fact that they get top dollar for their shows in Vegas. Many performers consider their Las Vegas shows to be the highlight of their concert tours.

Las Vegas is a Mecca for celebrity impersonators. There are usually at least 10 shows involving 1 or more celebrity impersonators going in Las Vegas at any given time. If your into old time Rock n Roll, Elvis or Frank Sinatra among others, Las Vegas has a impersonator show for you including Legends in Concert, A Tribute to Sinatra and King in Concert.

What's a great rock 'n roll venue in Vegas?

The Joint

Most performers and rock fans will tell you The Joint is one of the best venues in Vegas. It's got a rockin' sound system and can hold a seated audience or a rowdy standing-room only crowd. The 800-square foot stage is big enough for the whole crowd to see, and if you're feeling exclusive, there's a VIP balcony that sets you apart from the crowd on the floor. Because the acoustics are so spot-on, any band, from Garbage to Crosby, Stills, & Nash will sound great at The Joint. The Joint is located in the Hard Rock Hotel.

Can I find any large Las Vegas production shows?

Las Vegas Production Shows

Historically the Las Vegas shows many people think of when they think of Las Vegas shows are the Las Vegas production shows with Las Vegas show girls like Folies Bergere at the Tropicana Hotel and Casino and Jubilee at Ballys Las Vegas. However, since Las Vegas show producers tend to make big productions out of almost everything, a wide range of variety, dance, dinner and headliner shows are also considered production shows in Las Vegas.

Is there a variety of Las Vegas magic shows?

Las Vegas Variety Shows

Las Vegas is considered the entertainment capital of the world and that is mostly because of the very large number of Las Vegas variety shows. Las Vegas variety shows encompass a number of different types of shows including magic, comedy, headliner, adult, production and impersonator shows.

Are there any comedy shows in Las Vegas?

Comedy Shows in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has several comedy shows including Mac King Comedy Magic Show and Rita Rudner. Besides the great permanent Las Vegas comedy shows, top notch comedians like George Carlin, Sinbad and Robin Williams perform comedy shows in Las Vegas on a fairly regular basis. Las Vegas shows involving comedy are among the best anywhere.

Besides an adult show in Las Vegas, can I find magic shows?

Las Vegas Family Shows

Although many Las Vegas shows are geared for adults, many Las Vegas shows allow kids under 18. There are also several Las Vegas family shows that are very kid friendly including Ronn Lucas - The World's Best Ventriloquist, Mac King Comedy Magic Show, Magic of Rick Thomas, Ovation the Show, Spotlight (magic and more), Tony n' Tina's Wedding (dinner show), Tournament of Kings (jousting and more during dinner) and Visions of a King (Elvis Impersonator). Las Vegas family shows can be enjoyed by everyone.

Where can I hear a really good swing band in Las Vegas?

Pogo's Tavern

If you're looking for an older, local crowd in Vegas, then try Pogo's. They have a live house band on Fridays that plays a mean swing, which is one reason the crowd may be a little more mature. Locals have voted it the best Jazz club in the area. That may be because the service is friendly, the atmosphere is cozy, and the drink prices are reasonable. If you like jazz, especially swing, then Pogo's is the place for you. The swing band plays from 8pm to closing every Friday evening. Pogo's Tavern is located at 2103 North Decatur Boulevard.

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