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Is there an indoor roller coaster in Las Vegas?

Canyon Blaster

The Canyon Blaster is one of two roller coasters located inside the Adventuredome at Circus Circus, and it's quite an amazing ride. In fact, it's the world's largest indoor double-loop, double-corkscrew roller coaster. That means you can enjoy it in air conditioned comfort any time of the year. This coaster reaches speeds up to 55mph and the double-loops seem to go on forever. Kids must be at least 48-inches tall to ride this coaster. All Day Ride Passes (best value) * Regular Pass $22.95 * Junior Pass $14.95 * One Ride $6.00 each. Open 7 days a week, hours vary * Call 702-794-3939 for up-to-date hours.

I heard there's an indoor amusement park in Las Vegas. Is that true?


The Adventuredome is much more than a thrill ride. It's an entire amusement park under a gigantic dome! Inside you'll find entertainment for everyone in the family, from rides including a roller coaster, to a water ride, carousel, motion simulators, midway style carnival games, an 18-hole miniature golf course, virtual reality machines, bumper cars, and well, even more. Located next to Circus Circus, you can't miss the giant pink dome that hides this all-weather, 5-acre adventure park. All Day Ride Passes (best value) * Regular Pass $22.95 * Junior Pass $14.95 * One Ride $6.00 each. Open 7 days a week, hours vary * Call 702-794-3939 for up-to-date hours.

Can I experience negative g's on a coaster in Las Vegas?

Manhattan Express

The roller coaster at New York, New York may just convince you never to ride in a New York City taxicab again. This coaster, painted to resemble those famous cabs, is real thrill for any coaster addict, because it has some awesome innovations. The coaster reaches a height of 203 feet and drops 144 feet at one point. It reaches speeds up to 67mph. There's also the world's first "heartline" twist and dive maneuver, which gives riders the heart-stopping force of negative g's just like fighter pilots experience. The coaster simulates a barrel-roll in a jet fighter, rolling 180-degrees, hanging 86-feet in the air, then diving back under itself. Whew! Admission: $40 for an all day fun pass that includes food, drink, a t-shirt, and much more. Call 702-740-6969 for hours.

Where can I ride a roller coaster backwards?

Speed - The Ride at the Sahara

Every roller coaster in Las Vegas is different, and this one at the Sahara is no exception! This ride has you coming and going, in fact. The ride begins in the NASCAR cafe and shoots you right out of the hotel through a dark tunnel and into a large loop, right through the Sahara marquee and straight up into a 224-foot tall tower where you hang, thinking the ride is over. That only lasts for a fraction of a second, and then you're off to do the whole thing again, but backwards! Pretty scary, and pretty cool. Admission: One ride $10 * All-day pass $19.95 *Open Sunday through Thursday 11am until midnight * Friday & Saturday 11am until 1am.

What was the first roller coaster in Vegas?

High Roller

This has got to be one of the highest roller coasters in the world. 909-feet off the ground, to be precise. The High Roller at the Stratosphere is the granddaddy of roller coasters in Las Vegas, because it was the first one. The ride literally runs around the outside near the top of the Stratosphere tower, giving riders the view of their lives if they can keep their eyes open! The ride banks at a 32-degree angle on only reaches speeds of 35mph, but that's plenty fast when you're nearly 1,000 feet off the ground! Admission Single Tickets Adult $9.95 * Locals, seniors, hotel guests and children 4-12 $6.00 * Children 3 years and under FREE * All-day pass $29.95 * Open Sunday thru Thursday 10:00am to 1:00am * Friday, Saturday, Holidays 10:00am to 2:00am.

What's the VERY BEST coaster in Southern Nevada?

Desperado at Buffalo Bill's in Primm

Sure, Primm is 35 miles south of Las Vegas on Interstate 15. It's a drive. However, the roller coaster at Buffalo Bill's Casino has been called the best in Southern Nevada, so it just may be worth the drive. Riders get an absolutely breathtaking view of the Primm Valley from the coaster's top height of 209 feet. Then it plunges at tremendous speed into a succession of twists, turns and unexpected surprises. Experts and addicted riders rank the Desperado among the top ten roller coasters in North America. It's also one of the tallest and fastest in the U.S. Oh, and the Desperado lasts a lot longer than many of the area coasters. It's literally 2.43 minutes of pure fun with some heart-pounding fear mixed in. Admission $7.00. Open various hours, call 1-800-FUN-STOP for specific hours.

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