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What does the Venetian Hotel have to offer?

Venetian Hotel Amenities

The Venetian Hotel is one of the most beautiful hotels in Las Vegas. It is filled with luxury and classic art, statues, fountains and painted ceilings reminiscent of the Italian Renaissance. Every richly decorated room is designed with elegance. Suites are about twice as large as the average room in Las Vegas. If you are looking for a romantic get-away look no further than the Venetian Hotel. With many top rated restaurants, Grand Canal Shoppes with live entertainment, gondola rides down the Grand Canal, spa facilities and swimming pool, you can find what you need to make your trip relaxing and fun. The Venetian Hotel offers convention and meeting rooms, banquet facilities, a wedding chapel, valet service, dry cleaning services, currency exchange, business facilities, safe deposit boxes, 24 hour security, concierge services, fitness center, nail and hair salon, art galleries, gift shops and much more. The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas is a top rated hotel for good reason. You'll leave feeling like you've experienced a taste of Italy.

Can I get married at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas?

Weddings at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas

If you are getting married and want to find a beautiful, romantic location for the wedding ceremony, you should consider the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas. You will get a bit of Italy and classic Renaissance ambiance without going out of the country. The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas offers a variety of wedding packages. You can get an event planner that will step you through the process and help you get the wedding of your dreams. Wedding packages may include a bouquet, photos, a video, music, a champagne gift set, spa passes, limousine service, and even a bridal salon package. There are several locations to choose from at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas. You can get married on an authentic gondola floating down the Grand Canal, on a beautiful bridge overlooking the water, or in an elegant wedding chapel. Check out details at

What restaurants are available at the Venetian Hotel and Casino?

Dining at the Venetian Hotel and Casino

When visiting Las Vegas you must check out the Venetian Hotel and Casino, especially if you are looking for good food. There are hundreds of options in Las Vegas, buffets galore, but if you really want top rated dining the Venetian Hotel and Casino is the place to go. You can choose the number 1 rated restaurant by Forbes magazine – Valentino – for fine Italian dining. Or if seafood is more to your liking, check out AquaKnox, or Zeffirino Ristorante. You can also eat Pan-Asian cuisine at the Royal Star. If you want a great steak, Delmonico Steakhouse is where to eat. French dining can also be found at the Venetian Hotel and Casino with the French bistro Bouchon, or Lutece for fine French dining. Anything from Italian rotisserie, fresh seafood, filet mignon, pasta, Asian grill, or casual cafes and bakeries – no matter what you are looking for in great food, you can't go wrong at the Venetian Hotel and Casino.

What entertainment is available at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas?

Venetian Hotel – Las Vegas Entertainment

The Venetian Hotel Las Vegas is one of the top rated hotels in the country. If you visit Las Vegas and do not stay at the Venetian Hotel, you must at least take a look inside. You will find beautiful paintings on the ceilings and artwork throughout the hotel. Visit the Grand Canal Shoppes and be freely entertained by costumed performers and Italian opera singers who perform daily. Visit the V Bar, Vivid Nightclub or La Scena Lounge for nightly live entertainment and dancing. You can even take a romantic ride in an authentic gondola ride down the Grand Canal at the Venetian Hotel Las Vegas. If you are looking for relaxation, visit the Canyon Ranch Spa where you can get pampered with a massage or facial. If you are looking for culture, check out the Guggenheim Museum. During the year the museum has special events and shows. Or you can stop at Madame Tussauds wax museum and take your picture with celebrity figures. The Venetian Hotel Las Vegas also has special events, so make sure you check scheduling of upcoming events.

What are the rooms like at the Venetian Resort Hotel?

Venetian Resort Hotel Rooms

When looking for a place to stay in Las Vegas, you should seriously consider the Venetian Resort Hotel. The average suite size is 700 square feet which is twice the size of regular rooms in Las Vegas. The Venetian Resort Hotel offers luxury suites with romantic canopy draped beds, overhead reading lights which give a nice ambience to the room. You will enjoy sunken living rooms with dining tables. The marble bathrooms are exquisite and spacious. The Venetian Resort Hotel rooms are beautifully decorated and create an environment where you can indulge yourself and not feel guilty. Plus you can get pampered at the Canyon Ranch Spa, shop at the Grand Canal Shoppes, or enjoy fine dining – all without leaving the hotel. Prices for rooms fluctuate throughout the year, and during the week vs. the weekend, but you can get very reasonable rates at this top rated hotel during most of the year.

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