Venetian Resort Hotel Rooms

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What are the rooms like at the Venetian Resort Hotel?

Venetian Resort Hotel Rooms

When looking for a place to stay in Las Vegas, you should seriously consider the Venetian Resort Hotel. The average suite size is 700 square feet which is twice the size of regular rooms in Las Vegas. The Venetian Resort Hotel offers luxury suites with romantic canopy draped beds, overhead reading lights which give a nice ambience to the room. You will enjoy sunken living rooms with dining tables. The marble bathrooms are exquisite and spacious. The Venetian Resort Hotel rooms are beautifully decorated and create an environment where you can indulge yourself and not feel guilty. Plus you can get pampered at the Canyon Ranch Spa, shop at the Grand Canal Shoppes, or enjoy fine dining – all without leaving the hotel. Prices for rooms fluctuate throughout the year, and during the week vs. the weekend, but you can get very reasonable rates at this top rated hotel during most of the year.



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