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What courses can I play at Lake Las Vegas Resort?

Lake Las Vegas

Lake Las Vegas is more than a golf club. It's an entire luxury resort nestled near a sparkling lake, with three world-class golf courses waiting for play. The Falls is the newest course, designed by top golfer Tom Weiskopf. It's a 7,250-yard, par-72 course -- challenging because the terrain varies from mountainous to the desert floor, all in one course. Reflection Bay was designed by legendary Jack Nicklaus, and the 7,261-yard, par-72 is a desert course that has won several awards. Finally, there's the SouthShore Golf Club, a private club for members only. Lake Las Vegas offers a Golf Institute and special golf packages too. Lake Las Vegas truly offers golfers everything they could ever want in a luxurious golf resort!

Where can I get a real PGA-like golfing experience in Las Vegas?

Tournament Players Club at The Canyons

Have you ever wondered how you'd fare on a real PGA level course? Well, wonder no more. If you play the Tournament Players Club (TPC) at the Canyons, you'll find out soon enough. This course has been one of the PGA's annual stops in Vegas for several years, and it was designed by two PGA legends, Raymond Floyd and PGA Tour Design Services architect, Bobby Weed. This is a rugged course with wide fairways and literally blasted out of a canyon, so the terrain is challenging and beautiful at the same time. This is a true Vegas experience with natural vegetation and views of both Red Rock Canyon and the Strip. TPC is one of the best courses in Vegas, and should be included in any Vegas golf vacation.

What's the most expensive golf course in Las Vegas?

Shadow Creek Golf Club

Is there anything casino mogul Steve Wynn can't do? Well, if you said "design a golf course," you'd be wrong. Wynn designed this world-class course especially for guests of the Bellagio and Mirage. If you're not staying there -- forget it. Also forget it unless you want to play one of the priciest rounds in Vegas at $500 or more a pop. That being said, most pros in the know consider this to be one of the best courses in the world. And it's just as legendary for the scenery and serene views golfers enjoy as they play. This highly-guarded course is a forested miracle in the desert, and those lucky enough to play it will never forget it.

What's the oldest golf course in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas Golf Club

This is the oldest course in Vegas, first opening in 1945. That doesn't mean it's easy or antiquated. In fact, the course recently underwent over $5 million in improvements, so it's challenging, but still a nice, relaxing course to play with wide fairways and accessible greens. It's a par 72, 6.631-yard course, with bunkers around many of the greens, and desert terrain. Most fairways have pines and cottonwoods lining them, but few bunkers to hinder play. The prices are reasonable here, and most Vegas residents find it one of the friendliest courses in town. With an updated clubhouse and upgraded course, even if you've played the Las Vegas Golf Club in the past, it's worth another shot! This may not be the most challenging course Vegas offers, but it's one of the best if you play golf to relax, rather than stress out.

Why is Royal Links Golf Club so special in golf history?

Royal Links Golf Club

Do you love the history and tradition of the game of golf? Then you simply must play Royal Links while you're in Vegas. This unique course features 18 holes designed to imitate some of the most famous and demanding holes from classic British Open courses. St. Andrews (where the sport began) Royal Troon, Turnberry, Royal Liverpool, and Prestwick, they are all honored here, along with many other well known courses. Along the way, golfers will encounter deep bunkers like those at St. Andrews, and monuments at several points along the course that highlight spots where great moments in British Open history took place. With a castle for a clubhouse, and forecaddies recommended, this is truly a unique and exceptional golf experience. If you love the origins of the great game of golf, you'll love Royal Links!

Why do locals call Bali Hai the "Rolls-Royce" of Vegas golf courses?

Bali Hai Golf Club

Continually voted one of the best courses in Vegas, one reviewer called this course the "Rolls-Royce" of Las Vegas course. Why? Because at Bali Hai, golfers truly golf in "paradise." This course is simply gorgeous! As you play, you'll encounter seven-acres of lavish water features, 4,000 trees -- 2,500 of them towering palms, mixed in with 100,000 tropical plants. It's a par-71 course with 7,002 yards of play. The course is quite challenging, and it gets tougher as it goes. This is truly a magnificent course. Did we mention the golf carts are equipped with GPS devices in case you get lost on the course? Everything about this course is first-class, and it shows. Golfing here will be the experience of a lifetime.

Where can I play a round of golf in about three hours in Las Vegas?

Durango Hills Golf Club

This is a relatively new course that's owned by the city. It's an 18-hole executive course run by a professional operator. It's a desert course with sand bunkers on each hole, and four different tee settings, so just about any golfer can play this course successfully. This course is consistently voted "best of Las Vegas" by local players. There's another real advantage to this course. Because it's shorter, most golfers can complete it within three hours, so if you only have a few hours to squeeze in a game, this is indeed the course for you. Oh, and did we mention local residents get a lower rate? Now that's a real reason locals love this course.

Can I play golf at night in Las Vegas?

Angel Park Golf Club

Angel Park is another golf club Las Vegas residents love. The Club contains two courses designed by Arnold Palmer, and gives truly magnificent views of Red Rock Canyon throughout both courses. There's even a lighted 9-hole short course, a lighted putting course, and a lighted driving range for those warm summer nights that only Vegas offers. Both courses are challenging and offer golfers a variety of terrains that will test their abilities. Angel Park also offers golf packages that are great deals including accommodations at the Palms and play on a choice of three different local courses. Need a little brush up on your backswing? No sweat. Angel Park offers a golf school and private lessons, too!

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