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Are their guided tours I can take with my friends for my bachelor party?

Bachelorette and Bachelor Party Guided Tours

Bachelor and bachelorette parties are becoming a big deal in Vegas. Now, tons of companies will plan your party for you, pick you up in a stretch limo, and whisk you away to a variety of clubs where you can party all night. Most of these tours include VIP treatment at every club. No waiting in long lines for you on your special night! They also usually include cover charges and tips, so they are really a bargain. No hassles, no lines, and no planning. Haven't you done enough planning already?! Just sit back and enjoy your last night of freedom with your best friends.

Is there a Chippendale's show in Vegas?


Chippendale's is famous for being the first female-oriented strip show, and the Chippendale's Theater in Vegas does not disappoint. The mood is wild and crazy, the women scream a lot, and the men take it off. What more could you want for a swingin' bachelorette party? This show transcends time and place, taking the audience from New York City to the Wild West and beyond. The men are impossibly buff, and the audience eats it up. This is truly the perfect "girls night out," and the perfect place to celebrate the upcoming wedding. The Chippendale's Theater is located in the Rio Suites.

Where's a trendy and hip spot to celebrate my bachelorette party in Vegas?

Hard Rock Hotel

The Hard Rock Hotel is another hip, trendy resort that caters to a young crowd, so it's a perfect spot for the bachelor or bachelorette party in Vegas. The rooms are comfortable and spacious, and there are several clubs and restaurants where you can let it all hang loose. The Lagoon Pool offers floating crap tables and music underwater for an unusual Vegas experience. The Hard Rock also offers special bachelor/bachelorette party packages including suites, parties, and activities in their hot clubs. They offer online specials too, so check those out when you call about reservations.

Where can I get "thunderstruck" in Vegas?

Thunder From Down Under

What is it about an Australian accent that can make a girl go weak in the knees? Find out at this legendary Aussie show for ladies. These men are hard-bodies to the max, and advertise the ladies in their audience are always "thunderstruck" by the end of the show. With state-of-the-art music and sound, this is more than a visual experience, it's an experience for all the senses. These guys have won the "best dancers" title from Las Vegas locals, too. VIP seating is available, which is a nice option for the celebration. Thunder From Down Under is located inside the Excaliber Resort.

What's the biggest strip club in Vegas?


Sapphire bills itself as the "world's largest strip club," and with 71,000 square-feet to play the night away, they may just be right. The club offers three main stages, showrooms, a restaurant, VIP skyboxes, and much more. (Did we mention dozens of topless lovelies?) Sapphire is also open 24 hours a day, so you can do your celebrating any time. The club offers special party rooms along with the skyboxes, so there are several options if you want a more private bachelor party experience. Sapphire is located at 3025 South Industrial Road.

Where are some of the hottest servers in Vegas?


What a place to celebrate with your buddies before the big day! BiKiNiS has some of the best-looking, bikini-clad servers in Vegas, all at your beck and call. Ask them to take a dip in the exhibition shower if the room gets too hot, and maybe you can join them. BiKiNiS is a one-of-a-kind beach party experience, and it's just the place for your bachelor party. VIP tables are available too, for that extra-special party experience. BiKiNiS is open Thursday through Sunday, and is located inside the Rio Suites.

What makes the Palomino Club so special?

Palomino Club

The Palomino Club is not your typical Vegas all-nude strip club. First, it serves alcohol, and that sets it apart from other all-nude clubs. It's the only Vegas club allowed to serve drinks up with the view. Upstairs you'll find the Lipstick Lounge for more private parties, just like you're hoping to enjoy on your trip to Vegas. The Lounge has it's own stage, cocktail service, and dancers. Lap dances are available throughout the Club, too. The Palomino Club is a Vegas landmark, it's been there for years, and it's located at 1848 North Las Vegas Boulevard.

Is there a special spa package for bachelorettes in Vegas?

Sun, Spa, and Studio 54 Bachelorette Package

For the ultimate way to relax with your best girlfriends, check out the "Sun, Spa and Studio 54" package. It's a special package the MGM Spa has created especially for bachelorette parties. Four to eight people can participate, and the package includes a half-day in a private spa suite, a half-day in a pool cabana and VIP line passes to Studio 54 for everyone. This is a great way to get ready for the big day and still celebrate in style with your best friends! The Spa also offers a men's package, and a couple's package, so no matter how you celebrate, there's a spa experience for you at the MGM.

Can I really have a co-ed party in Vegas?

Co-ed Celebrations

A new trend in bachelor/bachelorette parties is making them co-ed celebrations. Several companies in Vegas specialize in these types of events. You can check with your hotel front desk or concierge to find out more details. These trips usually pick you up at your hotel, whisk you to the clubs of your choice in a VIP limo, and pick you up after you've partied the night away. They have suggestions for the best clubs for both your groups and tastes. A host will stay with you during the night to make sure every detail is just right, too.

What if nightclubbing is just not my bachelor party thing?

ATV and Backcountry Tours

Not up to the rigors of all night partying for your big night? No big deal. The beautiful thing about Vegas is there's something for everyone. If you'd rather spend time in the wild outdoors with your friends, then book a backcountry or ATV tour. You'll see some of the best scenery in the world, and you can enjoy it with a tour guide and some special buddies. Numerous companies offer these wild and wooly trips, in everything from Jeeps to Hummers. Be sure to book ahead, they fill up fast.

Where can I rent a private VIP area for my buddies?

Rent a Skybox, Cabana, or Water Booth at Rain

Show your pals you really know how to party when you rent a plush skybox or cabana for your bachelor party at Rain. Rain is always one of the most popular night clubs in Vegas, and once you visit, you'll know why. It's a party atmosphere mixed with 25,000-square-feet of amazing music, sound, and lights. You'll enter the club through a tunnel, leading you into a dazzling array of special effects throughout the club. They include intense lighting, mixing with a stimulating mix of water, fog and pyrotechnics. (You can dance under fireballs!) Computer-programmed water features like fountains and dancing jets surround the bamboo dance floor, keeping you cool even during the hottest numbers. It's a great place to celebrate the upcoming nuptials with your very best friends. Rain is located in the Palms Resort.

What is one of the trendiest and classiest places to party in Vegas?


Tabu is one of the trendier night clubs in Vegas and consistently gets top marks from locals. Don't let that shy you away from your spring break revelry. It's the kind of place where you can carry on a conversation, or dance on the tables, it's up to you. It's one of the earliest "ultra" lounges in Vegas, and definitely has class. Upscale servers provide bottle service to your table, and the club has won the 2005 Epicurean Award for Best Lounge. If your bachelorette party happens to fall on a Wednesday night, you can enjoy an upscale fashion show right at your table. Tabu is located inside the MGM Grand.

Where can I wind down after a hard night of bachelorette partying?

Flirt Lounge

The Flirt Lounge is part of the entertainment complex in the Rio Suites that houses the Chippendale's Theater. If you really make a night of it with your best gal pals, you'll scream your lungs out at Chippendale's, and then wind down in this tasteful and elegant lounge. It's a place to flirt, of course, and a place to relax. The minute you walk in you'll see this is a club designed by women for women. It's comfortable, elegant, and you'll hear only music performed by female artists, too. Oh, and the wait-staff is all male, all the time. The cocktails are the thing here, and Flirt boasts a tantalizing menu to tempt and titillate. Flirt is the perfect place to end that perfect bachelorette experience. Flirt is located inside the Rio Suites.

Where can my bride and I both enjoy a celebration before we tie the knot?

Olympic Garden Cabaret

This topless club offers both male and female dancers, so you could combine your parties and keep your eye on your mate at the same time. (Sort of, the male review is upstairs on the second floor.) The ladies are lovely here, and that's what Vegas has come to expect from the "O.G." because it's one of the oldest clubs in town. Lap dances are available at your table or up on stage. There's also a snack bar and four stages to keep you occupied in case you get bored with the ladies. The Olympic Garden Cabaret is located at 1531 South Las Vegas Boulevard.

Where is "the place to party" in Las Vegas?

The Beach

How better to party hardy than at the place dubbed "the place to party?" That's the Beach, and they offer a special package for any bachelor or bachelorette. The package includes one free drink and a body shot for the lucky bride or groom. It's a casual atmosphere with a surf theme, blended with plenty of dance space. And, there are special events every night but Saturday, with special drink prices, too. If you want to spend your last night of freedom in a fun, party atmosphere with dancing, a sports bar, and plenty of beautiful people, then the Beach is just the place for your party. The Beach is located at 365 Convention Center Drive.

Are there any race car driving schools in Vegas?

Race to the Altar

Another way to celebrate your upcoming vows is to power a race car as fast as you can! Several companies offer driving lessons and the chance to put the pedal to the metal once you've mastered the basics. Three companies, Cart Driving 101, Richard Petty Driving Experience, and Daly Performance Driving offer lessons and then the opportunity to really pilot your own car on a real racing oval. You can ride with a driver or take the wheel yourself, it's up to you. If you can make it during the week, you'll find fewer crowds and a better experience. You'll need to make your reservation in advance, so plan ahead. It's a great and unusual way to celebrate your big day in a very big way.

Is there a resort in Vegas that offers everything I need from bachelor party to wedding and beyond?

The Venetian

The Venetian is one of the most expensive resorts in Vegas, but most people agree its really worth the top dollars. The resort offers a spa, tons of restaurants and clubs, shopping along the Grand Canal, romantic gondola rides, and even a ritzy wedding chapel. Once you set foot in the resort, you may never have to leave except for the honeymoon! It's also just a short walk away from many of the other most popular resorts and clubs on the Strip. All the rooms are suites and offer great views of the Strip and the area. They also offer many "suite deals" that are just perfect for the celebrating couple and their friends.

I heard there's a hotel with stripper poles by the beds in Vegas. Which one is it?

Bachelor Suites at the Palms

The Palms offers the ultimate in bachelor/bachelorette suites. They have created two totally naughty "playpen" suites complete with stripper poles right by the bed! The suites are available for group parties. The Palms is one of the hippest resorts in Vegas, and the only Vegas resort with its own, in-house tattoo parlor. Two of the city's most popular clubs, Rain and ghostbar are both located in the Palms too, so you never even have to leave the resort during your wild nights. And once your celebration is complete, there's a 20,000-square-foot spa where you can relax and make ready for the big day.

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