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What's THEhotel, anyway?


Never heard of THEhotel? Neither have a lot of other Vegas visitors, and that's one reason to check out this newer resort on the South Strip. THEhotel is actually an off-shoot of the larger Mandalay Bay, and there's a hallway connecting THEhotel to the Mandalay Bay casino and resort. All of the rooms are suites, and almost immediately, THEhotel won the quite coveted AAA Triple Diamond Award for Excellence. THE nice thing is, you never have to wander over to the Mandalay if you don't want to. THEhotel is a separate entity, and offers its own spa, restaurants, showroom, and shopping. Rates are competitive, and it's also right next door to the best show venue in Vegas, "The House of Blues," located in the Mandalay Bay. At THEhotel, you can take your casino or leave it, and it's right on the Strip near all the other action in Vegas.

What are downtown Las Vegas hotels like?

Downtown Las Vegas Hotels

Downtown Las Vegas on Fremont Street (Fremont Street map) has several quality cheap hotels in Las Vegas. Those staying on Fremont Street can find great accommodations in the midst of what many people consider the best free Las Vegas attraction of them all, the Fremont Street Experience.

Is there a newer or renovated hotel in downtown Las Vegas?

Main Street Station

Some of the downtown hotels are a little past their prime, but the Main Street Station is a consistent winner. Locals often call it the best downtown hotel and casino. With a recent renovation, the Victorian-themed hotel is even better than ever. The rooms are comfortable and cozy, and the rates are usually more than reasonable. Locals also like the food here, which is more than can be said for many of the other casinos in the area. If you're not familiar with the "Station" family of casinos and lodging, there are several in Vegas and beyond. They cater to a local, casual crowd, so if that's what you're looking for, you've found it at the Main Street Station!

Isn't there a resort in Las Vegas where the Discovery Channel's "American Casino" was filmed?

Green Valley Ranch Resort

Green Valley Ranch is another local favorite, partly because it's so far away from the Strip and the crush of tourists. It's constantly rated highly in local "Best of Vegas" polls. So, if you want a more local, intimate experience, try the Green Valley Ranch. It's luxurious but affordable, and offers several restaurants and lounges. Located in Henderson, the Ranch offers free airport shuttle service, and a spa and a convention center. Because they are off the Strip, their rates are a good value, too. Oh, and if you're a fan of the Discovery Channel's "American Casino" reality series, you'll recognize Green Valley Ranch, it's the casino where the show was filmed.

Where can I find a quieter hotel near the Strip but not quite on it?

Silverton Hotel Casino

Are you looking for a quieter hotel off the Strip? Then try the Silverton Hotel Casino. Locals in the know often rate it highly. It's newly remodeled with a woodsy and aquarium theme throughout the hotel and lounges. In fact, you can even enjoy a libation at the Mermaid Lounge, while watching real, live "mermaids" gliding through their own 117,000- gallon tropical aquarium. The rooms include the same type of pillow-top beds the Bellagio charges quite a bit more for. The Silverton is close to the Strip, and a short drive from McCarran Airport.

What are some cheap Las Vegas hotel rates?

Cheap Las Vegas Hotel Rates

For the ultimate cheap Las Vegas hotel rates, how about the free or greatly reduced room rates that gamblers can get directly from the casinos themselves? Gamblers in Las Vegas can get comps and receive free or reduced cost rooms (as well as meals, shows. etc). Recommended books about Las Vegas comps and using coupons to reduce the cost of your trips to Las Vegas include: Frugal Gambler, More Frugal Gambling and Comp City – Second Edition. Even moderate gamblers may be eligible for free or cheap Las Vegas hotel rates. If your going to gamble at all while in Las Vegas, sign up for and use the slot club card in each casino you gamble in. They just might make an offer you can't refuse. Cheap Las Vegas hotels might be cheaper than you think.

Where can I stay that's close to Lake Mead?

Hacienda Hotel

Yes, there used to be a Hacienda Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, but it has gone the way of so many other older Vegas landmarks, to the wrecking ball. This new Hacienda is actually not in Vegas at all, but only three short miles from Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam. So, if you're traveling to Las Vegas for some of the great outdoors, the Hacienda may be just what you ordered. You'll get views of Lake Mead from most guest rooms, along with reasonable prices and good food in the restaurants. Located in Boulder City, if you're into fishing, boating, and exploring Lake Mead, this is simply the best, most modern and affordable option. It's also a favorite with many of the local Vegas reviewers, so check it out!

Is there a hotel in Vegas that only offers suites at a reasonable price?

The Rio -- All Suites all the Time

You'll always have a suite time at the Rio in Las Vegas. That's right, every room in this sparkling resort is a 600+ square-foot suite, filled with amenities like in-room refrigerators and safes. You'll get a ton of space to call your own in your suite at the Rio, and it won't break your bank, either! You can also take in a wide variety of entertainment options at the Rio, from legendary magicians Penn & Teller to the Chippendale's review for all those bachelorettes in town for their last fling. Some of the hottest clubs are inside the Rio, too, like the Flirt Lounge and BiKiNiS, two favorites of locals rated "Best of Las Vegas."

Is the new Wynn Las Vegas really worth the bucks?

Wynn Las Vegas

Wynn Las Vegas is the newest mega-resort on the Strip, and everyone wants to see it. Be warned, it's one of the most opulent resorts in Las Vegas, and one of the priciest, too. For example, a pot of hot tea will run you $6 in the French Brasserie. The rooms and suites are quite luxurious -- large, decorated tastefully, and sweeping floor-to-ceiling views of Las Vegas. All the rooms offer high-tech amenities like * high-speed Internet access * push button automatic drapes * flat-panel televisions * cordless phones * CD players. There's an art gallery with many of owner Steve Wynn's own art collection, and even an on-sight golf course only open to guests of the hotel. The Wynn may not be for everyone, but it's certainly the most expensive resort on the Strip -- Wynn spent over $2.7 billion and took over five year to build it.

Where cheap Las Vegas hotels?

Discount Las Vegas Hotels

When looking for cheap Las Vegas hotels, it is important to know that hotel rates are much higher on weekends as well as during some holidays, conventions and special events. Low rates are not always available at all cheap Las Vegas hotels. Also rates for hotels on the Las Vegas Strip are generally higher than those off the "Strip" for similar quality accommodations. Never the less, quality cheap Las Vegas hotels are usually easy to find.

What are cheap hotels in Las Vegas?

Cheap Hotels in Las Vegas

A great way to get access to many Las Vegas freebies and deals as well as a wealth of knowledge about Las Vegas including what's going on in Las Vegas is to get a Las Vegas Advisor Full Membership (which costs $50/yr. but includes the Pocketbook of Values coupon package which is worth more than $3,000 with optimal use including some free nights or special rates at some Las Vegas hotels & casinos.) Free nights and special rates at quality cheap hotels in Las Vegas are a click away.

How do I find Las Vegas hotel ratings?

Las Vegas Hotel Ratings

Trying to a choose which of the available Las Vegas hotels is right for you can be difficult. Las Vegas hotel ratings are based, in part, on subjective considerations and should not be considered as absolute truth. Keep in mind that any of the available Las Vegas hotels may have expanded and improved or even deteriorated since they were last rated and that Las Vegas hotel ratings do not take into account certain considerations like location. Getting great Las Vegas hotel discounts on great Las Vegas hotels far from where you really want to be may be worse than getting mediocre Las Vegas hotels at great rates in a great location. Read all the descriptions of the Las Vegas hotels you are interested in carefully and take into consideration all the important factors like price, location and available facilities before deciding which of the many available Las Vegas hotels you should book your stay at.

Where are discount hotels in Las Vegas?

Discount Hotels In Las Vegas

Even if you don't gamble, staying at a quality cheap Las Vegas hotels that are associated with a casino (which most Las Vegas hotels are) is a good idea. Gambling usually subsidizes room rates and meals thus making your trip less expensive. Also, most major discount hotels in Las Vegas are very luxurious.

Where are affordable Las Vegas hotel?

Affordable Las Vegas Hotels

Las Vegas has 16 of the 20 largest hotels in the world. These and many other Las Vegas hotels are not only large but quite luxurious. Most are subsidized by gambling and are relatively affordable. There are, in fact, many quality affordable Las Vegas hotels and reservations are just a click away.

Where are affordable Las Vegas Hotels?

Affordable Las Vegas Hotels

When looking for cheap Las Vegas hotel rates, keep in mind that no hotel reservation system, regardless of size or popularity, has all the most affordable Las Vegas hotels or the lowest rates. Web sites like, which is affiliated with four major hotel reservations in an effort to have better rates and a better selection can often offer more quality cheap affordable Las Vegas hotels at lower rates.

Where are cheap hotels in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas Cheap Hotels

Several Las Vegas hotels that are away from the Las Vegas Strip represent outstanding values. Though not as desirable for someone who wants to spend all their time on the Las Vegas Strip, these quality affordable Las Vegas hotels provide excellent accommodations and the slot machine are generally “looser” and more desirable.

What are downtown Las Vegas hotels?

Downtown Las Vegas Hotels

Although most major Las Vegas Strip hotels are luxurious and moderate to very expensive, there are numerous quality cheap Las Vegas hotels on or within a mile of the Las Vegas Strip. Staying within a short walk or drive of very expensive hotels like Bellagio and the Venetian can save you a lot of money and still provide you a great hotel room in or near the action on the Strip.

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