Cheap Las Vegas Hotel Rates

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What are some cheap Las Vegas hotel rates?

Cheap Las Vegas Hotel Rates

For the ultimate cheap Las Vegas hotel rates, how about the free or greatly reduced room rates that gamblers can get directly from the casinos themselves? Gamblers in Las Vegas can get comps and receive free or reduced cost rooms (as well as meals, shows. etc). Recommended books about Las Vegas comps and using coupons to reduce the cost of your trips to Las Vegas include: Frugal Gambler, More Frugal Gambling and Comp City – Second Edition. Even moderate gamblers may be eligible for free or cheap Las Vegas hotel rates. If your going to gamble at all while in Las Vegas, sign up for and use the slot club card in each casino you gamble in. They just might make an offer you can't refuse. Cheap Las Vegas hotels might be cheaper than you think.



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