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Where can we go for family fun in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas Fun - The Guiness World of Records

You enter to a replica of the world's tallest man, and move on to the world's heaviest as well as the shortest twins. Then to food and drink: the largest shot glass collection in the world (seems appropriate for Vegas), replicas of the biggest fruits and vegetables in the world in a giant fruit basket, and information on a variety of food eating records. Although in a different area, that might tie in with the world's largest "air sickness bags" gathered from airlines all over the world!

Other sections of the museum include graphical or interactive displays for tallest structures, highest mountains, entertainment and music, and space achievements. Of special interest were displays with videos of the world's largest domino fall records that were fascinating to watch as well as a video of the worlds longest rope slide (two guys strung a rope almost a mile up a mountain and slid all the way down together on a pulley).

A special Las Vegas entertainment guide section notes the records set by the Luxor Beam (strongest light -- can be seen from space), Stratosphere Tower (highest thrill rides), Fremont St. Experience light show, Hoover Dam, and others.

For sports buffs, they have an interactive sports record database where you can look up just about any record every set in any sport. This is part of a good-sized sports record display.

Las Vegas Guinness World of Records is located at 2780 Las Vegas Blvd. South (The Las Vegas Strip -- halfway between Circus Circus and The Sahara across from Wet N' Wild). Open daily, admission is $6.00 for adults, $5 for students, seniors, and military, and $4 for children under 12.

What about the Desert Passage shopping mall at the Aladdin?

Las Vegas Family Entertainment

These 140 specialty stores and 8 enticing restaurants, found in your Las Vegas entertainment guide, are in a unique theme-styled setting that transports you to the marketplaces of North Africa.

Moroccan Delight
The first port of call is the land of Morocco. Marrakech and Fez are brought to life through the quaint mosaic tiles, detailed iron carvings and powdered mud and straw buildings. Stores in this area include Hugo Boss, Club Monaco, Herve Leger and Max Studio. The Fragrance Market can be found here with health and beauty stores such as Aveda, The Body Shop, Clinique, Crabtree & Evelyn, L'Occitane, Sephora and Origins.

Treasure Galore
Next stop is the desert fortress that guards Treasure House. Looking up at the sky there is a hand-painted dome ceiling, depicting the story of Aladdin and the 40 Thieves. Each storefront is made of big, sandstone blocks, and the boutiques here include the fun Build-A-Bear-Workshop, GAP and Victoria's Secret.

Lost in the City
Next is the majestic Lost City, a public square nestled amid dome-shaped buildings, towers and a soaring 85 ft mountainside. There's plenty of restaurants and cafes in this area including La Salsa Mexican Cantina, Cheeseburger at the Oasis and the Sevilla Spanish House and Nightclub.

Sultans Realm
Then comes the Sultans Palace with its 45 ft high gilded ceiling, shimmering mosaic tile and glitzy gold monkey chandeliers. Walk through the palace into the Sultan's Garden, with its Moorish where there's stores including Soho Fine Art Gallery, Wyland Galleries, Z Gallarie and Sharper Image.

Turbulent Storm
Carrying on is the Merchants Harbor provides a grand North African harbour-front with Moroccan and colonial French design and immaculate Mediterranean whitewashed walls. A 155 ft European trans-steamer ship is moored in the port, while an unexpected breeze declares the start of a live rainstorm. Shops in the area include Lucky Brank Dungarees, Steve Madden, Aldo and Tommy Bahama, visitors will also find the Todai Japanese Seafood Buffet and Merchants' Harbor Café here.

Lighting the Way
The tour continues with the Dome of Spirits, where hand-blown cobalt-blue lamps hang from the 65 ft height ceiling and stores include French Connection, bebe and Godiva Chocolatier. The Dome leads on to the Hall of Lamps, where more lamps hang from the ceiling, while sophisticated boutiques include Betsey Johnson, Cache, Montblanc and St Croix Knits.

India Territory
India Gate is the next region, with its carved wood screens and coloured awnings in 18th and 19th century painting styles. Life-size Indian elephants watch over the stores that include Brighton Collectibles and Tumi. There's also the Commander's Palace, one of the best restaurants in town.

Designer Wear
Designer fashion stores for men and women at Desert Passage include Alegre, Bisou Bisou, Casablanca Clothiers and Jhane Barnes and art stores such as Addi Galleries, Bernard K Passman Galleries and Gallery of Legends. Last but not least are the speciality shops, which include Fossil, Cashman Photo Magic, The Discovery Channel Store, Desert Brats and Houdini's Magic Shop.

Located on the Las Vegas Strip, surrounding the Aladdin Hotel and Casino, adjacent to the Paris Hotel and Casino and across from the Bellagio Hotel, at 3663 Las Vegas Blvd. South.

Desert Passage is 15 minutes from Downtown Las Vegas.
Opening hours are: Sunday - Thursday 10am - 11pm, Friday - Saturday 10am - 12 midnight. Open 365 days. Restaurant and nightclub hours vary.

How would someone find Las Vegas and entertainment?

Las Vegas Travel Tips

Free kid friendly Las Vegas attractions on the Las Vegas Strip include the Bellagio Hotel and Casino's: the Fountains at Bellagio, which is rated the best. The Fountains at Bellagio are a water and music show that plays again and again using the spectacular fountains firing at a variety of heights and angles synchronized to music at the quarter-mile long lake in front of the Bellagio Hotel and Casino. The show runs every 15 minutes or every half hour, depending on the time of day (the fountains are still in high winds). The fountains' patterns are choreographed to a number of different pieces of songs and last between 5 and 10 minutes.

Where do I find Las Vegas family entertainment?

Great Family Attractions In Las Vegas

The tower at the Stratosphere Las Vegas and the Eiffel Tower Replica at Paris Las Vegas (which offer great views of the Las Vegas Strip from top observation decks) are great Las Vegas Tourist Attractions.

Will I see Las Vegas travel tips?

The Las Vegas Strip at Night

Anyone who has seen the lights on the Las Vegas Strip at night knows that the Las Vegas Strip itself is the biggest Las Vegas tourist attractions of them all.

How do you have Las Vegas fun?

Las Vegas Area Attractions

There is a lot of entertainment in Las Vegas off the Las Vegas Strip including the Fremont Street Experience, the Fountains at the Bellagio and the Majorie Barrick Museum of Natural History. Click for more information about free Las Vegas tourist attractions.

Where can we go for family fun in Las Vegas?

Elvis-a-Rama Museum - Entertainment in Las Vegas

Here's one of the best attractions in Las Vegas! Few performers are as linked to this city as Elvis. You can still get married by "Elvis", see performers doing Elvis tributes, and even catch the Flying Elvis jumpers made famous in the film "Honeymoon In Vegas." Now, thanks to Elvis collector Chris Davidson, you can actually get as close to the real thing as possible at the Elvis-A-Rama Museum.

Just a couple of blocks from the Las Vegas Strip, this $3.5 million collection is like nothing else on earth. After being greeted by Elvis in voice, you enter the Elvis-a-Rama Museum area to see the music wall, showcasing every commercially released 45, EP, and LP ever recorded by the King along brief year-by-year history of his life. This isn't some small "county fair" type of display. The permanent museum has 8200 sq. feet full of memorabilia, including 3 cars and Elvis' first speedboat. Among the cars are his 1955 black Cadillac limo reportedly used to haul guitars and drums between tour stops and Elvis' Glastron speedboat. Displays are tastefully full of every kind of memorabilia imaginable! Record contracts, identification (including his signed Social Security card), address books, clothing, scarves, guns, sporting goods and much more. There are also interactive displays where the touch of a button plays various clips from interesting and important events His Army years are chronicled with one of only two Army trunks that he shipped back from Germany containing a set of his fatigues and 8 pages of personal, hand written correspondence between Colonel Parker and Elvis dated 1959 and 1960.

You can feel the presence of Elvis through the many and varied personally scripted items. Not just a few autographed record jackets, but things like car insurance applications, the address book containing names and phone numbers of the likes of Natalie Wood, Nick Adam, and Colonel Tom Parker, and even an autographed pair of blue suede shoes. Rings and jewelry are featured, both from his early days and more flashy (and expensive) diamond studded gold bands owned and worn by Elvis later in life. The museum houses a number of Elvis' trademark jumpsuits, including the "Cisco Kid" black and green leather-trimmed one worn in 1971 that was pictured on the "He Touched Me" album sleeve.

The museum is open 10 AM - 6 PM daily. It is located at 3401 Industrial Rd. just behind the Fashion Show mall. As an added bonus, an live Elvis tribute by one Las Vegas' noted impersonators plays almost every hour at the top of the hour. The gift shop contains the largest and most diversified number of Elvis licensed merchandise available.

What are some Las Vegas Shows to go see?

King Tut Tomb And Museum At Luxor Hotel and Casino

On November 22, 1922, Howard Carter peered with a candle through a hole in the Tomb and Museum of King Tutankhamun. When asked what he saw, he replied, "wonderful things!"

Luxor Hotel and Casino presents one of the more interesting Las Vegas shows by once again opening the doors to what has been called the greatest archaeological find in the history of the world, an authentic reproduction of King Tutankhamun's tomb. The measurements of each of the rooms are exact. The treasures therein were reproduced by artisans using the same gold leaf and linens, precious pigments, tools and original 3,300-year-old methods, and each is meticulously positioned according to the records maintained by the Carter expedition.

The exhibit houses hundreds of reproductions, including the world-famous guardian statues, King Tut's sarcophagus, and an array of statues, vases, beds, baskets and pottery. King Tut's Tomb and Museum is a 15 minute, self guided, audio tour.

What are some tourist attractions for Las Vegas?

Fun Things To Do in Las Vegas

For fun things to do in Las Vegas, the Mandalay Bay Las Vegas Hotel and Casino has one of the most interesting Las Vegas tourist attractions on the Las Vegas Strip: the Shark Reef. The Shark Reef is a $40 million aquarium covering more than 90,000 square feet that holds more than 1.5 million gallons of seawater and numerous species of animals. It is open daily from 10 am until 11 pm (Last admission is at 10 pm). Admission costs: Adults $15.95, Children 12 years old and younger $9.95, Children 4 and younger admitted free.

What are some Las Vegas attractions for children?

Las Vegas Family Entertainment

There are numerous Las Vegas tourist attractions on the Las Vegas strip including the Fountains at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino, the show “Sirens of TI” at Treasure Island and the Circus acts at Circus Circus, many of which are free Las Vegas tourist attractions on the Las Vegas strip.

Where are some Las Vegas strip attractions?

Las Vegas Fun Activities

Although gambling is still considered by most people to be the biggest reason to go to Las Vegas, there are so many great Las Vegas tourist attractions that you can go to Las Vegas just to see the attractions and have a great time. Get more information here about Las Vegas fun. Plan your next trip to Las Vegas so you can take in as many Las Vegas tourist attractions as possible.

What are some good attractions in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas Travel Tips

Las Vegas tourist attractions come in many forms. Las Vegas is considered the entertainment capital of the world. From the smallest lounge act to the biggest Las Vegas shows like Celine Dion, “O” and Blue Man Group, Las Vegas entertainment is one of the leading things that attract people to Las Vegas. Las Vegas entertainment is one of the major forms of Las Vegas Tourist Attractions.

Where do I find Information on Las Vegas family entertainment?

Theres Always Entertainment In Las Vegas

Las Vegas museums are another type of Las Vegas tourist attractions that are often overlooked because of the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas. Las Vegas has several great museums many of which are one of a kind including the Hoover Dam Museum and the Liberace Museum.

Where do I find a Las Vegas entertainment review?

Las Vegas Tourist Attractions - The Star Trek Experience

"To boldly go where no man has gone before"

The Star Trek Experience is a Las Vegas fun entertainment and is a far cry from the stuffy, upper crust atmosphere of the regular casino at the Las Vegas Hilton. With a combination of uptempo rock music, futuristic looking slots, a bar area straight from the the 24'th century, and laser lights streaming across the sky, this puts a whole new dimension on the word "casino". The blackjack tables were closed, but I assume those are open during the weekends and perhaps busy week nights. If you don't want to gamble, they have a four pool tables for those more inclined to play in this unique setting.

First stop on your adventure through The Star Trek Experience is the "History of the Future" museum area where more than 200 items used in the filming of the Star Trek television serious and movies are displayed. It is the largest permanent collection of Star Trek props and costumes in the world including 23 original costumes from the series and movies, eight starship models built to a 1:80 scale, 12 hand-painted alien head displays (so real, they are almost scary) and more than 100 hand props like the 3D chess set, communicators, phasers, and the like.

As you walk along, you follow an illustrated timeline of the universe with a special twist. From the time of Galileo and Newton to the present, it is (of course) factual. But from our time through the year 2372 (Stardate 47779.4) it follows the evolvement of the world, planets, political situations and the like as depicted from the original television series all the way through the movies and new series.

You may take all the time you wish viewing the museum as the as the actual adventure portion starts every 10 minutes. We've been asked not to give away the "good parts", but this is a real interactive experience. Among the highlights are getting to experience being transported and ending up in the transporter room of the Enterprise, venturing onto the bridge as the crew goes about it's duties, riding a turbolift (the "elevators" that move people around the ship), walking down the incredibly realistic corridors (all sets are constructed on a 1:1 scale from the originals), and taking a shuttlecraft mission through space and time. The shuttlecraft is the finale, and what a finale it is! Featuring a six-axis simulator in a domed theatre, this motion simulator puts the Luxor's to shame. These screens give you a 160 degree view -- at no time do you see anything stationary outside the shuttle. The ride was incredible. You truly see and feel like you are being transported though time and space in a crystal clear universe you have never seen before with heart-pumping action taking place all around you! I don't want to spoil the ending too much except to say that you get a unique perspective on the Las Vegas strip. The total post museum experience runs about 25 minutes. Hit the restroom Afterwards, you exit through the obligatory shopping area containing everything from exclusive Star Trek clothing, the largest collection of Star Trek products and souvenirs, authentic collectibles, and the "your photo with a Star Trek star" image chamber.

The verdict? Trekkies should be put to death if they come to town and miss this. If you enjoy the series and movies, or enjoy first-class virtual entertainment with lots of surprises, this is also a must see. If you are on the strip without a car (the Las Vegas Hilton is a few blocks off-strip) and just looking for something to do, it's worth a visit but you will live if you miss it.

Admission is $15.95 (includes tax) and you must be 42" tall. There is no admission to visit the shops or Quark's bar and restaurant (unique dinners in a futuristic setting running about $12 a plate). Just ask the ticket office to point the way. The Experience is open from 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM daily.

What are some fun things to do in Las Vegas?

Some Of The Best Las Vegas Tourist Attractions

There are numerous Las Vegas tourist attractions off the Las Vegas Strip including the Fremont Street Experience, Ethyl M's Chocolate Factory and the Majorie Barrick Museum of Natural History many of which are free.

Where can I find Las Vegas tourist tips?

Las Vegas Tourist Tips

The pools and the surrounding landscaping at numerous Las Vegas hotels including the Flamingo Las Vegas, the Hard Rock Hotel, Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino and Treasure Island among others are themselves worthy of being called Las Vegas area attractions.

Where do I find a Las Vegas entertainment review?

Las Vegas Entertainment Book

In the Las Vegas entertainment guide you will find many exciting family attractions in Las Vegas like this. At the New York New York Las Vegas Hotel & Casino with heights of 203 feet, drops of 144 feet and speeds up to 67 MPH, this roller coaster adds new meaning to the phrase "let it ride!" It surrounds the hotel and casino, and features the world's first "heartline" twist and dive maneuver, allowing riders to experience the thrilling force of negative g's! Simulating a barrel-roll in a jet fighter, it rolls 180 degrees, hangs 86 feet in the air, then dives back under itself- promising dizzying excitement and white-knuckle thrills!

How do people have family fun in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas and Entertainment

Las Vegas tourist attractions come in many forms. Las Vegas is considered the entertainment capital of the world. From the smallest lounge act to the biggest Las Vegas shows like Celine Dion, “O” and Blue Man Group, Las Vegas entertainment is one of the leading things that attract people to Las Vegas. Las Vegas family entertainment is one of the major forms of Las Vegas tourist attractions.

Where can I have some good Las Vegas family entertainment?

Family Attractions In Las Vegas

Las Vegas as many great thrill rides which qualify as genuine Las Vegas tourist attractions. If planning to visit a Las Vegas fun thrill ride with children, find out about the size restrictions for that Las Vegas thrill ride. To enjoy your trip to Las Vegas to the fullest, plan your time so you can take in as many Las Vegas tourist attractions as you can.

What are some good Las Vegas tourist tips?

Entertainment in Las Vegas

Las Vegas museums are another type of Las Vegas tourist attractions which are often overlooked in the glitz and glamor of Las Vegas. Las Vegas has several great museums many of which are one of a kinds including the Hoover Dam Museum and the Liberace Museum. Go here for a list of fun things to do in Las Vegas. The museums in and around the city are Las Vegas tourist attractions you should seriously consider.

Where do I find a Las Vegas entertainment review?

The Casino Legend's Hall of Fame - Las Vegas Fun

Hidden away in the Tropicana Hotel and Casino is a true treasure called the Casino Legend's Hall of Fame. If you have been getting ready for some Las Vegas fun for more than a few years, or want a quick lesson on the history of the city, it's all in one place. Implosions, chips, artifacts, Las Vegas related movies, and the men and women who made the town what it is today are featured in all their stunning glory.
The collection of chips and artifacts is outstanding and amazing. More than 738 casinos are represented, 550 of which no longer exist (including the ones imploded this decade). Just the photographs of downtown and the Las Vegas Strip are worth the price of admission. It's truly hard to believe that 4 decades ago, the Las Vegas Strip was a 2 lane highway and Flamingo Rd. (and others) leading off of it were unpaved desert roads. Of particular interest was the Las Vegas sign in 1959 and an aerial view of the Flamingo Hotel and Casino from 1952 of Flamingo and the Strip. You can still see the narrow strip of land that would one day become the Barbary Coast.

If you are a chip collector, or even have a passing interest in them, your jaw will drop as this collection must be second to none. Glass case after glass case against the edges of this 5,000 sq. ft. museum display chips from the original days of legalized gambling in Nevada, right on through the "mob" years, and all the way up to the present. The focus is on chips from casinos no longer open (The Dunes and Pioneer are just two among hundreds), but they have an incredible collection of themed chips as well. These are real gaming chips issued as commemoratives and themed according to categories like holidays, events, cars, airplanes, and much more. This is a true Hall of Fame, featuring display and memorabilia from figures that have helped put Las Vegas on the map and made it what it is today.

Many are featured with various photos and artifacts, including the gold statue of Bob Stupak that was inside the Stratosphere, the actual motorcycle that Robbie Knevil did his Grand Canyon death jump with (our visit was 8 weeks ago, and you could still smell the oil and see the dust on the bike), Robert Goulet 1972 contracts with the Sands, Frontier, and Desert Inn (many contracts of famous entertainers are exhibited), portraits of Sinatra with figures ranging from Bob Stupak to Steve Wynn, and boxing memorabilia from fights with Tyson, Holmes, and Ali just to name a few. Four different video presentations run continuously in various parts of the museum. The first one honors the movies inducted into the Legends Hall of Fame, the second tells the stories (with spectacular video) of the various casino implosions and fires over the past decade, the third is a retrospective on showgirls, and the fourth focuses on the rise and fall of mob influence and involvement.

Admission is $6.95 for adults and $5.95 for seniors. The Hall of Fame is open daily from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM Sunday through Thursday and until midnight on Friday and Saturday. We want to make clear that we barely scratched the surface of the exhibits and if just even one of the above topics interests you, the $6.95 will be money well spent and enjoyed.

Where will I see Kid Friendly Las Vegas Attractions?

Tourist Attractions Las Vegas

Going to see the pyramid at the Luxor Hotel and Casino, the New York Skyline at New York New York Las Vegas and the castle at the Excalibur Hotel Casino are all examples of the architecture of some Las Vegas hotels & casinos being Las Vegas fun activities.

How would you find Las Vegas family entertainment?

Kid Friendly Las Vegas Attractions

Las Vegas has some of the best arcades available anywhere. Some of the better Las Vegas arcades can even be considered bona fide Las Vegas tourist attractions. Get this and other Las Vegas fun in arcades. Almost everywhere you look in the tourist areas of Las Vegas you'll find worthwhile Las Vegas tourist attractions.

How do I find Las Vegas attractions for children?

Las Vegas Attractions For Children

If you are doing a Las Vegas and entertainment activity with children that requires that you go into or through a Las Vegas casino, remember that no one under the age of 21 is allowed to linger on the floor of a Las Vegas casino. If children must pass through a Las Vegas casino, they must do so at a moderate speed without stopping.

Where are some family attractions in Las Vegas?

Some Attractions In Las Vegas

Although gambling is still considered by most people to be the biggest reason to go to Las Vegas, there are so many great Las Vegas tourist attractions that you can go to Las Vegas just to see the attractions and have a great time. Plan your next trip to Las Vegas so you can take in as many Las Vegas area attractions as possible.

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