King Tut Tomb And Museum At Luxor Hotel and Casino

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King Tut Tomb And Museum At Luxor Hotel and Casino

On November 22, 1922, Howard Carter peered with a candle through a hole in the Tomb and Museum of King Tutankhamun. When asked what he saw, he replied, "wonderful things!"

Luxor Hotel and Casino presents one of the more interesting Las Vegas shows by once again opening the doors to what has been called the greatest archaeological find in the history of the world, an authentic reproduction of King Tutankhamun's tomb. The measurements of each of the rooms are exact. The treasures therein were reproduced by artisans using the same gold leaf and linens, precious pigments, tools and original 3,300-year-old methods, and each is meticulously positioned according to the records maintained by the Carter expedition.

The exhibit houses hundreds of reproductions, including the world-famous guardian statues, King Tut's sarcophagus, and an array of statues, vases, beds, baskets and pottery. King Tut's Tomb and Museum is a 15 minute, self guided, audio tour.



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