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I heard in never Rains in Vegas?


Vegas locals love Rain, and with outstanding lighting, music, space, and features, you'll know why. Rain is huge, but doesn't seem that way once you make it inside through the futuristic tunnel filled with light and sound. There are actually windows onto the Strip in this club, but most party goers don't even notice. That's because they're too busy trying to figure out how the bamboo dance floor seems to float over a river of fountains, and what to have to drink. Where else can you dance under a fourteen-foot fireball and live to tell about it? Only at Rain! Rain is located in the Palms Resort.

Where's a good place to spot celebrities partyin' in Vegas?


Rumjungle is more than a club, it's an experience. Of course, you'll find more rum here than any other bar in town, and a towering volcanic inferno of rum behind the bar. Oh, and the wall of fire that's doused by a soothing wall of water is almost worth the price of admission. You'll find a mixture of music at rumjungle, from hip-hop and techno to top 40 and beyond, so they'll be something for everyone in your group. This club is a favorite of plenty of celebrities in Vegas, so keep your eyes open while you dance. Rumjungle is located inside the Mandalay Bay.

I've heard Ice is hot in Vegas, what's up?


Where can you find an eclectic blend of hip-hip and 80s rock in one club? Ice is the word. This lounge is hot, despite it's cool name. Inside you'll find five bars and rooms, ample dance space, and a balcony overlooking the entire scene for taking a quick breather. The first room, of 4,000- square-feet with a cushioned Brazilian walnut dance floor also features the country's largest Funktion-One 100,000 watt sound-system. Bottle service is offered, and it's another one of the "best of Vegas" locals choice for best club in town. Ice is only open Wednesday, and Friday and Saturday, 10:30 p.m. until the party ends. Ice is located at the corner of Harmon Avenue and Koval Lane, between Paradise Road and the Strip.

Where's the best place to dance in Vegas?

Studio 54

Modeled after the legendary Studio 54 in New York, this hot disco boasts two levels, four bars, a large main dance floor, two raised dance platforms, two moving go-go cages, and an exclusive VIP lounge area. If you aren't invited, you can still partake in the party crashers lounge area, for a very special partying experience. This is the place to come if you want to dance the night away. If you get there early, you can boogie to plenty of disco and early '80s hip-hop and dance music. Later, you'll rock to a mix of techno and house tunes. This place fills up fast, so get there early and party all night. Studio 54 is located in the MGM Grand.

Where do the Pussycat Dolls make an appearance in Vegas?


Three nightclubs rolled into one is what you'll find when you stroll into Pure. The atmosphere is upscale and quite elegant, but the mood is pure party, especially on the large, first-floor dance floor. There are plenty of bars in Pure, along with bottle service tableside at special tables. You can enjoy house, re-mix, rock and hip-hop throughout the club, and the second-floor terrace offers a dance floor and outstanding views of Las Vegas. Oh, and Pure has added the famous Pussycat Dolls to their own lounge inside Pure. Here, the Dolls will tease guests throughout the night by popping out of champagne glasses, dropping from the ceiling on swings, and more. Pure is located inside Caesars Palace.

I heard the Rio is really a party spot. What's the hottest club there?


Who needs South Florida when you can see as many bikinis at BiKiNiS? BiKiNiS is another hot spot for spring break. It's a partyin' club where the servers wear, you guessed it, bikinis and swim trunks, and if they get too hot, they take a dip in one of the beach showers. Music is old school and disco music from the '70s and '80s in the lava lounge, and take your pick in the other rooms. Oh, and don't forget to bring your swimming duds for the exhibition shower and Jacuzzi. On Sundays, two rooms go Latin. BiKiNiS is open Thursday through Sunday, and is located inside the Rio Suites.

Is there really a beach in Las Vegas?

The Beach

Everybody wants to go to the beach for spring break, right? Well, you can even go to the Beach on your Las Vegas spring break. Locals and visitors have voted the Beach the "best of Vegas" for several years, and there's a reason why. It's the ultimate party place for spring break and beyond. In fact, they bill themselves as "the place to party," so it's spring break 365 days a year at the Beach. It's the perfect place to break away any time of the year, but it REALLY hits the spot during spring break. Did we mention the eight bars, "beer bongs" and "body shots?" Nuff said. The Beach is located at 365 Convention Center Drive.

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