Las Vegas Shows

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Can I find any discounts on Las Vegas shows?

Las Vegas Shows

Although tickets for Las Vegas shows are usually expensive, many Las Vegas shows do have discounts available. Here are some for getting discounts on Las Vegas shows:
1.) Show up in person at one or both of two discount ticket sellers, Tickets2Nite and Tix4Tonight, near the MGM Grand that sell discount tickets for several of that evening's shows. 2.) Look for discount coupons on the Internet (Be careful because some of the coupons are not valid and are offered only to get you onto the web site).
3.) Look for coupons in the free Las Vegas Entertainment Guide booklets available from Hotel Concierges or Information Desks or in Casino “Fun” or “Discount” Books available at many Las Vegas hotels and casinos.
4.) Consider purchasing a Deluxe “2 for 1” Coupon Booklet (which contains 15 “2 for 1” coupons for Las Vegas shows plus many other discounts)
5.) Purchase a Las Vegas Advisor Full Membership which keeps you up to date with what's going on in Las Vegas and includes the Pocketbook of Values coupon package which is worth more than $3,000 with optimal use including many 2 for 1 Las Vegas show coupons.



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