The Nightlife at Caesar's Palace

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What about the nightlife at Caesars Palace?

The Nightlife at Caesar's Palace

Enjoying the nightlife at Caesar's Palace Las Vegas is easy. Besides having an excellent casino and shows like Celine Dion's – A New Day, Caesar's Palace Las Vegas has several bars and lounges for those who want to party the night away or just relax and have a few drinks. Included are Terrazza Lounge (which features a martini bar and live entertainment nightly), Shadow: A Bar at Caesar's Palace (a contemporary lounge with eclectic furnishings), Cleopatra's Barge (a luxurious floating lounge which is a ornate replica of the craft that transported the royalty of Egypt on the Nile River in the time of Julius Caesar), Galleria Bar (a relaxing lounge which features live classic Vegas-style entertainment), Spanish Steps (a great outdoor meeting place with the atmosphere of the Roman Plaza) and Seahorse Lounge (a ”hip” lounge inspired by the captivating underwater world of mermaids and seahorses). The nightlife at Caesar's Palace Las Vegas is first class.



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