Las Vegas Vacation: Living Up The Nightlife

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What are some of the top clubs in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas Vacation: Living Up The Nightlife

Part of any Las Vegas vacation includes a visit to the casino for some gaming, and a visit to one of the many different clubs in Las Vegas. The Las Vegas nightlife offers clubs for just about any musical taste.

Las Vegas dance clubs include popular hip hop clubs in Las Vegas like "Light" at the Bellagio or "Tangerine" at TI-Treasure Island. Jazz clubs in Las Vegas like "Tabu" at the MGM Grand hotel provide classic lounge tunes for visitors to kick back and relax to after a day at the tables.

In addition to the dance clubs, Las Vegas comedy clubs offer a great deal of entertainment featuring some of the top comedic talent in the country. Tickets to various comedy clubs can often be added on to Las Vegas vacation packages for further savings.

For anyone planning to sample the Las Vegas nightlife, it is important to note that many of the clubs require a cover charge and have other restrictions as to who they let in. For example, many clubs have specific dress codes that patrons must follow. In some clubs, parties of six or more are considered "groups" and must have reserved table seating to enter the club. Check with the concierge or with the club itself before venturing out to make sure that you will be able to gain admission.



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