Las Vegas Gaming Vacation

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With the family oriented theme of many Las Vegas hotels, is there still a focus on gaming?

Las Vegas Gaming Vacation

Las Vegas gaming vacations used to include a stay at one of the original hotels and casinos. Names like the Tropicana Casino Las Vegas, or the Flamingo Casino Las Vegas used to be a large part of the old-time Las Vegas casino lore. With the corporate sponsorships of the hotels and casinos, an average Las Vegas gaming vacation now boasts names like the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino Las Vegas, or the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino, Las Vegas. Even restaurant chains have become casino owners with the Hooters Casino Las Vegas being the destination of many Las Vegas gaming vacationers.

With the new owners came a new focus on the Las Vegas image. No longer known simply as a gaming destination, Las Vegas has paved the way as a family oriented vacation spot. Hotels like the Circus Circus Casino Las Vegas and the Excalibur Hotel and Casino Las Vegas provide all the gaming adults could want with plenty of activities for the children and families to participate in. Hotels like these offer family oriented shows, theme parks, and other attractions to provide activities for everyone. However, Las Vegas has not forgotten its roots, as Las Vegas gaming vacations are still the number one attraction.



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