Duesenberg Room

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What's a Duisenberg anyway?

Duesenberg Room

Did you know the slang expression "it's a doozy" originated with the name of this prestigious and classic auto? Well, it's true. The Duesenberg was one of the most opulent and classy cars of its' time when it was produced in the 1920s and 30s. It just so happens the Imperial Palace owns the world's largest collection of the Model J version of these cars, and you can visit anytime you visit Las Vegas. The Palace owns and exhibits 43 of the Deuseys, worth over $50 million dollars. The Duesenbergs are located in their own special exhibit room which includes a bar and lounge, so you can take your time looking over these vintage beauties. Deuseys sold for $20,000 in their prime, and in today's market that equates to about $1 million apiece, so now you know why wealthy stars and royalty simply loved these coveted cars!



1/6/2012 12:37:30 PM
oscar said:

Oscar enjoyed his visit to the duesenburg room as much as any 2 attractions in Vegas put together. The exhibit will transport you to a time of handmade elegance unmatched in our time..


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