President's Row

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What Presidential cars can I see at the Imperial Palace?

President's Row

One central part of the Imperial Palace collection are the various cars that belonged to U.S. Presidents. It's interesting to see how the presidential limos have morphed through the years. George W. Bush's Cadillac SUV looks like a futuristic ride next to these relics of the past. You can check out President Eisenhower's 20-foot long 1952 Chrysler Imperial or President Truman's 1950 Lincoln Cosmopolitan, complete with a gold-plated interior (certainly not politically correct today). Less flashy is President Roosevelt's 1936 V-16 Cadillac limo, and President Kennedy's 1962 Lincoln Continental (not the car he was riding in Dallas when he was assassinated, by the way). While some of the collection rotates, keeping it fresh and new, these cars stay put, so you can see them whenever you plan to visit the collection.



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