New Technology -- Better or Worse?

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Is the new technology in Viva Vision really worth seeing?

New Technology -- Better or Worse?

The Fremont Street Experience opened in 1995, and Viva Vision was upgraded in 2004. The LED and sound is much superior to the old version, and really brought the Experience into the world of high-definition action and adventure. The old technology was good, but the new technology is over the top, so to speak! It's a lot more of what today's tech-savvy tourists are looking for. The upgrade went from two million bulbs to 12.5 million lights, so the detail is far more accurate and downright amazing! The animations are amazingly lifelike, and the Vision even features live video feeds of news shows, and a 550,000 watt sound system created to synchronize with all the action happening overhead. There's no doubt about it, the new technology is worth the trip to view the Fremont Street Experience!



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