Not for Everyone?

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Who's right for the Fremont Street Experience?

Not for Everyone?

The Fremont Street Experience is a fantastic encounter, but it might not be appealing to every Vegas visitor. Many locals object to the large canopy, saying it covers up the long-standing view of Vegas casinos and hotels. If you look hard enough, you may notice most films and television shows shot in Vegas revert to the old, uncovered views of Fremont Street in their long shots. For some, the sound may be too loud, and some of the musical numbers may not be their favorite. Small children might come away frightened, as the entire experience can be a little bit overwhelming with all the motion, sound, light, and action. Be warned, a couple of the shows are also a bit on the adult side, so you might want to leave the kids with the babysitter when you view "Downtown Divas" and "Fahrenheit at Night."



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