The Liberace Museum's Upgrade

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I've seen the Liberace Museum once. Why should I visit again?

The Liberace Museum's Upgrade

Even if you've been to the Liberace Museum before, you'll want to check it out again after the 2002 expansion and upgrades. The Museum is bigger now, and the collections have all been thoroughly researched, so you'll find a lot more information on the items and how Liberace may have used them on stage. There's also a new outdoor patio shaped like a giant record (remember those?). The new eye-catching entryway is shaped like a giant rhinestone topped with a massive pink piano. Liberace would be proud. There's also a lot more room for displaying Liberace's many collections, along with a "walk of fame" and even a cafe where you can relax for a few minutes before you move on to the next glitzy exhibit. The upgrade was costly, but Liberace fans will know it was worth the expense when they see what's been added to this legendary star's museum.



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