Ash Meadows Wildlife Refuge

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Where can I see some of the more rare and unknown wildlife in the Southern Nevada area?

Ash Meadows Wildlife Refuge

The Ash Meadows Wildlife Refuge is about 60 miles northwest of Las Vegas, and only three miles from the town of Pahrump. This is a free park, and the kids will really enjoy the chance to see Nevada wildlife up close and personal. In fact, scientists have discovered at least 24 different plants and animals here that live nowhere else on Earth. One of the most famous examples is the endangered pupfish, a tiny fish who still lives in some of the small pools in the area, and existed as long ago as when mastodons roamed the area. This is an area to really explore, and the nature trails, interpretive information and picnic areas all make you want to relax and slow down. The park is open every day from sunup to sundown. There is a Visitor Center, but it is sometimes closed due to lack of staff.



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